Engine and Transmission Mounts

Mounts may have as many as three functions. First, it is an attachment point for a part or system to the chassis. Secondly, it often acts as an isolator – keeping noise and/or vibration from being transferred to the driver and passengers. In some cases, it may also be an adjustment point to keep a component in proper alignment.

Most mounts are made of steel and rubber. Time, heat, automotive chemicals and vapors will deteriorate the rubber. Because mounts are often out of sight, they are ignored when a vehicle is serviced. Slowly, the rubber will deteriorate and the vibrations begin to be felt.

If these problems aren't addressed, the results can range from annoying noises to binding and ultimately, destruction of components. If you notice an unusual vibration in your vehicle, come on by Quality Brakes and Alignments for immediate service before your car is damaged!

Quality Brakes & Alignment provides Engine & Transmission Mounts with both:

Rubber Mounts
Liquid Filled Mounts


Normally, the steering wheel should have no greater than a quarter inch of "give". More than that would mean something is worn or loose and it needs fixing. If you notice a 'looseness' in your steering column, do not ignore it! You could lose control of your steering after a period of time. Bring your car or truck by Quality Brakes and Alignment for a full diagnostics run of your steering column if you notice any difference in your steering!

Quality Brakes & Alignment provides the following steering products and services:

– Tie Rod Ends
– Tie Rod Sockets
– Idler Arm
– Pitman Arm
– Drag Link
– Center Link
– Steering Knuckles
– Steering Dampeners
– Steering Stabilizer
– Power Steering Gear Box
– Manual Steering Gear Box
– Rack & Pinion Steering Gear
– Adjusting Sleeves

Suspension and Chassis Work

A car's chassis is the most integral part in the final construction of any vehicle apart from the engine itself. As well as act as the canvas onto which all of the vehicle's parts are attached, it also provides invaluable structural integrity which prevents the car from collapsing into itself under large amounts of strain.

The most important feature of an automobile chassis is the way in which it anchors all of a car's key components, including the suspension system, wheels and car body. Contrary to popular belief, the painted body that surrounds the exterior of the car is not actually a part of the chassis but another part that depends on the chassis to stay functional. If the chassis were weakened, it may play a huge safety risk for both the car and its driver. This is why it is important to ensure that your car is structurally sound every six months. Bring your car by Quality Brakes and Alignment to ensure your car's chassis is sound.

Quality Brakes & Alignment can provide the following suspension and chassis services and products:

– Control Arm
– Bushings Ball Joints
– Tie Rod Ends
– Tie Rod Sockets
– Adjusting Sleeves
– Idler Arm
– Pitman Arm
– Sway Bar
– Links Bushings
– Radius Arm Bushings
– Pivot Arm Bushings
– King Pins with Brass Bushings
– Coil Springs
– Leaf Springs
– Struts
– Strut Mounts
– Drag Links
– Center Links
– Track Bars